About Us



A3 DESIGN is a family-owned Package Design + Branding agency led by the husband and wife team of Alan and Amanda Altman. We work with companies to identify their corporate story and bring it to life with compelling graphics through logo design and retail presence. With a focus on value, clear communication and company culture, we build visual experiences your company can grow from, your audience relates to and your employees are proud of.

Alan is the agency Creative Director; supreme strategic designer reigning over all supporting creative in the studio. Amanda is the agency Principal; at the helm of business development, vendor and client relations. Over time, we have successfully built a network of resources that affords A3 Design the opportunity to work on projects of any size. Our network is filled with experts in their field just as we are in package and logo design. Working with A3 allows our clients access to talent that has been vetted for strategy, professionalism and result driven solutions. Sometimes we partner with a team of people and sometimes it is a consultant. In any engagement, we are absolutely transparent with the team involved. The value of our collective skills and knowledge continues to exceed client expectations.

Behind it all, we are strategic thinkers and no design decision is made without reason. Our team has an innate understanding of color theory, composition, typographic hierarchy, consumer behavior and an undeniable talent for clever visual implications. Our understanding of typography is a rarity in a world of automation and instant gratification. We were trained to follow a strict creative process that allows extensive research and design exploration which we still adhere to today. Our agency’s foundation is our process. Partnering with A3 Design as a strategic design agency achieves logo and package design results that are impressive and profitable.

A3 Design has been incorporated since 2003. Over the years, we have built an impressive portfolio far beyond what you see here on this site.

If you would like to see more, or hear more about us in person, give us a call! Amanda will answer.